• You have a feeling that won’t go away. It is niggling away at you that certain changes in your life are long overdue for your health, relationship, wellbeing?

• Thing is, you “think” there are a number of areas you could get to work on. And you really can’t “do” with too much at any one time.

• It is really about dipping your toe in the water.

• Keeping things short and simple as you find clarity and support.


Do you feel that you are at odds with yourself, spending quite a bit of time, faffing in life?

Is it that you know what you Don’t Want – “Things Staying the Same” as they are right now. But how the heck do you figure out what you do want?

Do you have the odd spurt of motivation and then….bam. Back to square one? In true Life Laundrette “speak” you ball yourself up and pop yourself back to the bottom of the laundry basket…to ignore yourself for a little while longer as more and more stuff keeps piling up on top of you?

Do you feel that you are suffocating your hopes and quite possibly dreams as you hide away at the bottom of that basket?


How much lethargy are you feeling right now? Chances are it has settled in…and staying safe and snuggled where you are…. Well, it just seems so much more of an effort to get to grips with what you do want.

Which is…


Until the next time that little voice get’s on at you that surely there is more to life than this. And you really really really know that it is time to get out of that laundry basket once and for all. Time to surface from under the Life Laundry of “dirty socks, underwear and bobbly woollies, waiting to be washed”

Once and for All.

Time to start the Steam Refresh Process….

We all want to be the best that we can be for ourselves, right?

Oh Yes….

Why you need to “Suss Yourself Out” with Steam Refresh

  • Suss Yourself Out is the first and most important step you can take in order to shake life up for the better.
  • You want to do something for you for a change. You want to wave your arm in the air and say, “You know what?  I am more than a   tiny bit fed up of SAME OLD, SAME OLD!  Give us a hand over here. I could do with a bit of help right now”.
  • You feel as if you have completely lost sight of you never mind your hopes and dreams.
  • Your life is drifting along and really, you feel as if you have no control over it..and you are fed up feeling like that.
  • You have forgotten how to feel really happy and fulfilled..but then you are “OK” with not expecting much more.
  • You are reluctant to make a decision…to be honest, you don’t always know what you want anyway so it is just easier to go with the flow.
  • Needs?  Whose needs?  Well, yours come at the bottom of the pile, that’s just the way it is.  Other people before you!


Ha ha..

  • Quite simply, you take charge of YOUR life!
  • No more waiting for circumstances to change for the better – YOU have the knowledge to decide and take charge!  (Oh, yes, I know we have already said that but it is SO important for you.  You only get one life and all that!)
  • YOU find out what makes you tick and also, what doesn’t!  YES, I get that you probably react to what doesn’t, but how much better to reflect first?  In order to take the best course of action?
  • YOUR stress levels will be reduced as you really do know yourself SO much better.
  • Decisions, Decisions – so much easier to make and stick to when you are aware of what is important to you (and not…as the case may be!)
  • STOP draining your energy and feeling guilty about missed opportunities!
  • CONFIDENCE – Oh, yes, one of my favourite words.  Are you ready for this?  When you know what you want, what is REALLY important to you, it really doesn’t matter what is important to other people!  Sorry, “other people” but hey…”My life that I am living for me..”
  • Happiness, Fulfilment , Satisfaction, Motivation – to get the life you want?  Oh, those old words, they are just for other people’s lives!  No, time for you to get them too.


The question is, ARE YOU READY?

You are?  Fantastic!

Then simply click on the STEAM REFRESH button and let’s get started!



  • Once you have completed your pre coaching questionnaire we book a time for your one to one session.
  • We start with a 30 minute chat to get to know one another and to give you the opportunity to paint me your overall picture.
  • We stay in contact for a month by e mail or messenger and during that time you can call on me to be around and provide that little bit extra support as you go about your daily life. (I will always aim to reply to you within 24 hours).
  • We finish with a 60 minute call to make sure you are set to stay on track.


Your investment for a month long STEAM REFRESH is £125


Steam Refresh Payment