Whether it is too many jobs to do or too many emotions to make sense of, overwhelm and anxiety drain you. You simply can’t focus.

Well, actually, the message that overwhelm is trying to get across to you is to stop, take stock and actually shift your focus. If overwhelm could speak it would ask you the question, “What do you need to do to feel better?” The unspoken part of the message is to slow down and change things.


Ha, Ha – yet another thing for you to think about and when you are feeling overwhelmed…you just can’t do with anything else.  Because you see that is the thing with overwhelm, the anxiety it causes you can literally bring you to the point where you simply can’t think about ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL…only your anxiety.  So, how unearth can you be expected to think about what you need to do to break the overwhelm spiral?


1. So, when it comes to the brain, and trying to unscramble your anxious thoughts and put new ones in place, it (the brain), is far more receptive to change when you are in a more relaxed state.  So, if you are completely bowled over and in need of immediate relief then I would suggest that you move away, physically, from where you are. I leave my office and go outside.  Go to the kitchen, anywhere but away from your point of overwhelm!

Aim to quieten things down. Stop the noise going on and spinning thoughts.

How do you prefer to do that?  Do you have a quiet space in your house or is that very thought a luxury?  Can you make one – your space?!

Even if it is to go and sit on the toilet for a few minutes and then take yourself off to a different space. Although I suggest to stop the noise, I actually mean the unwelcome noise and then I listen.  To the birdsong, the kettle boiling, maybe an aeroplane in the sky, traffic and as you tune out to tune in, you will feel the sensation of slowing down. Notice your breathing.  And another little tip – breathe in for 4, hold for 4 and out for 4.  Good start!

2. The days of “We Women” being all things to all people “need” to be long gone.

It really is my passion to convince Ladies that you “Cannot pour from an empty cup”.   Therefore asking for help and support TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER is non negotiable. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to read my recent blog post on Bursting the Bubble on what Self Care really is.  Please do not be afraid to do this and I understand your fear of “feeling a failure because you ask for help, being a burden, etc….” AND I cannot stress the importance of speaking up!

3. What are your expectations against what is actually necessary? Are you clear about what needs to be done and by when and perhaps by who, you know, rather than you?

Can I suggest you take a good old pen and paper and write down everything that is causing this overwhelm, this anxiety? Once you see the contents of your spinning thoughts down on paper, let me tell you, something very powerful has taken place. You have taken back control of your overwhelm. Now you can decide how to proceed for the best. What actions/tasks are high priority and what can drop down the list. Or, what really can get dumped! (Draw yourself a dump bin and put those tasks and thoughts in there). And you know what, you might notice the sensations in you shift whilst you are doing this.


You are a living, breathing, feeling human being.  Take care of yourself and your health xx