I have been where you are now, believe me…

I have felt your pain. Like you I woke up one morning and wondered…

Where did the time go?

Once I seemed to have the whole world at my feet, all the time in the world to achieve and create my dreams. Everything and anything seemed possible.

Until one day, it wasn’t.

Or so I thought…

I’ve been to the brink and back, surviving loneliness, betrayal, co-dependence and rejection. I’ve suffered panic attacks, depended on medication, and endured emotional pain that I thought would break me.

Sometimes life can knock your dreams down like a skittle in a bowling alley. You feel bereft of hope, weak and helpless.

But this isn’t the end, it is the beginning

I’ve been where you are and I survived. I learnt a whole new way of living, and so can you. With courage, hard work and the right support in place you can shake off the negative self-talk, learn to laugh, live, and even love again.

Can I help you create a perfect life? Of course not. Life never stops throwing curve balls at us. But after we’ve worked together you’ll be looking forward, not back. You’ll be recalled to life, filled with confidence and the courage to live life on your terms.

Living life on your terms means…


  • Looking in the mirror and feeling love, respect and compassion for the woman staring back at you.
  • Saying no to comparisonitis and focusing on building your own brilliant life!
  • Having the confidence to ask for what you want and know that you deserve it.
  • Not wasting your time and energy on soul-crushing, emotionally exhausting situations.
  • Having the courage to walk away from negativity.
  • Being kind to yourself and the people you love.
  • Taking care of yourself without feeling guilty about it.
  • Never not feeling good enough again.